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The most common user-defined parameters are within the "Interface" settings.

configuration settings menu


Preview window

Controls the behavior of the Preview Window.

configuration settings interface preview window

By default, the Preview Window is used to present incoming and outgoing call information and controls.

The main Preview Window is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so will automatically hide once a call is answered and in progress. Hovering over the Tray icon will bring the Preview Window back into view during a call.

The default hide delay is 10 seconds but can be increased or disabled (set to "infinite") to keep the Preview window permanently in view for the duration.

configuration settings interface connect hide delay

The Preview Window will display in front of other windows but without taking focus from the current application in use. When "Always on top" is enabled the Preview Window will remain in view whilst continuing to work on the current application.


Depending on the address book location, matching contacts are displayed in "standard" mode if opened by clicking the contact icon. With "Show Contact in Edit Mode" enabled, the contact is opened in "edit" mode, if available.

configuration settings interface actions

Example-Contact open in Salesforce "standard" mode:

contact open salesforce standard mode

Example-Contact open in Salesforce "edit" mode:

contact open salesforce edit mode

Example-Call Activity log open in Salesforce "standard" mode:

call activity log standard mode

Example-Call activity open in Salesforce "edit" mode:

call activity salesforce edit mode


Hot Keys

Assign keystroke combinations to Make call:

configuration settings interface hot keys

Note: All hotkey combinations require CTRL, SHIFT or CTRL+SHIFT to be included


Application load

Enable automatic start up with Windows:

configuration settings interface application load



Set language and formatting options to the appropriate locale:

configuration settings interface localization

Note: By default, the software automatically selects the localization of the PC.

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